A BIG THANK YOU to Kernen Construction for the donation of the material and delivery to fix Mistwood’s driveway. Also, a big THANKS to Sean Nordquist, Robert Nordquist and Mel Nordquist for spreading and fixing the driveway. Although we have lost the great puddles, our driveway is much safer. THANKS!!!!

Our Vision

Our passion is to see children being happy, loving to come to school; having enthusiasm to learn; celebrating who they are each hour, each day; celebrating those around them; and being able to start again after a problem has been resolved. They serve as a powerful, ever-present reminder for us to stay in the moment; engross ourselves in a subject; and delight in the variety of human nature and development that surrounds us.

Mistwood Founders and Directors (1980-2013): Julie Dorman and Marsha Aden-Wansbury

Our Mission

To provide a rich, stimulating, highly academic and fine arts environment in which students and adults have great respect for each other, for themselves, and for their immediate and global environment (we have a behavior code and ethics classes discussing non-exclusion and non-judgment of others).

Dress and Behavior Code

We believe school is for learning, so we ask that kids do not bring electronics or pop culture into our learning environment. By joining together in this endeavor we can provide a happy and safe learning environment

Contact Us

Phone: 707-826-1150
Email: mistwoodeducationalcenter@gmail.com

1928 Old Arcata Road
Bayside, CA 95524

Mailing Address:
PO Box 821
Bayside CA  95524


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